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Half Marathon

End of the Road Marathon

Join us for the original old turnpike half marathon, marathon, or 4 mile on the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. The stretch of road was bypassed in

Sydney Marathon

To really log some miles in the air, and to go down under, try this popular race in Australia. “The Sydney Marathon traverses all through the city and provides

Midnight Sun Marathon

If sweltering summer races aren’t your cup of tea, then try an Arctic marathon where the sun doesn’t set…really. From May 20 until July 22, Norwegians experience the “midnight sun,”

Holland Haven Marathon

Sunday September 12, 2021   Holland Haven Marathon runners experience the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan as they travel from Grand Haven to Holland.  This

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Bucket List Races for 2021

Turning the calendar page to a new year often means setting new goals, pushing new limits, and bettering yourself—whether as a parent, runner, employee, student, or

NYC Half Marathon canceled due to COVID

This race was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic, as well A year of race cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns left us feeling disappointed but hopeful for 2021.